Deoghar Mart: Online Marketplace for Jharkhand Local Artisans

Deoghar Mart is an e-commerce website selling local arts and crafts. It was launched by Mr Manjunath Bhanjantri. He is basically from a bamboo artisan community. His village has more than 34 different artisan families. Manjunath has taken his community skills to the reach of the people through DEOGHAR MART.

Deoghar Mart

The main objective of the launch of Deoghar Mart is to take the works of artisans and craftsmen to the reach of the global market. The platform primarily targets local arts and crafts. It sells sweets, peda, clothing, apparel, handicrafts, fine arts, organic products, forest produce, Agarbattis, etc. The local population in the region produces all these.

About Deoghar

It is a significant city in Jharkhand. Baidyanath Temple, one of the 12 jyotirlingas is located here. The town is usually referred to as the cultural capital of Jharkhand for its diversity.

Background of Deoghar Mart

The initiative comes up mainly to support the arts and crafts of the tribal in the region. Khortha and Santhali are the major tribes in Deoghar. More than 65% population in Deoghar are Khortha and 7% were Santhali. The platform is to help these tribes in a big way.




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