Kerala Budget announces Green Hydrogen Hubs

During the State Budget Presentation, the Kerala Finance Minister announced that his government is to establish “Green Hydrogen Hubs”. The State Government is allocating Rs 200 crores for this. The hubs are to be set up in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. The project is to be implemented along with the private partner India Hydrogen Alliance.

About the Green Hydrogen Hubs

  • The plan is to build green hydrogen plants that can produce 60 tonnes of hydrogen per day.
  • The plant will be established with a 150 MW Electrolyser and storage infrastructure
  • The Kerala Hydrogen hub project is considered a blueprint for India. This is the first time such a project is initiated in India. It has already begun in other countries. International hydrogen hubs set up in different parts of the world are referred to as “Hydrogen Valley Projects”

Hydrogen Valley Projects

The Hydrogen Hub plan is based on the Hydrogen Valley Projects coming up in different parts of the country. Hydrogen Valley is a basically geographical area where the companies working on hydrogen production come together to build hydrogen plants. It has all the facilities for hydrogen production, storage, distribution, etc. Hydrogen Valley projects have already begun in the USA, Europe, China, Japan, and Australia.

Hydrogen produced through the electrolysis of water is called green hydrogen.



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