Sur Sarita – Symphony of Ganga

The Ministry of Culture in India recently organized a grand curtain raiser program called ‘Sur Sarita – Symphony of Ganga’ at the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor in Varanasi, on the eve of the launch of the world’s longest river cruise. The program was led by renowned singer Shankar Mahadevan, and was attended by dignitaries and tourists who were set to embark on the Ganga Vilas Cruise. The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, flagged off the cruise the following day.

Launch of the World’s Longest River Cruise

The Ganga Vilas Cruise will cross through four states in India, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Assam, over a journey of 51 days. The cruise is expected to create new history in the waterways sector of India and marks the beginning of a new era of river cruise tourism in the country. The cruise will also take tourists through places with rich history and mythology associated with the river Ganges.

Cultural Program

The cultural program, ‘Sur Sarita – Symphony of Ganga’, was organized to give the audiences a taste of the different flavors of the states that the cruise would be passing through. Folk musicians from Assam, Bihar and Bengal joined popular singer Shankar Mahadevan in paying homage to the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Brahmaputra. The concert lasted for about an hour and ended with Shankar Mahadevan’s rendition of ‘Kartavya Ganga’ (Promise to Ganga), a song that promises the river goddess that every Indian will take care of her and protect her waters.

The concert also included an audio-visual presentation that showcased the relevance of the river and its importance in Indian culture. It was a way for the dignitaries and tourists to get a glimpse of what they could expect on the cruise and to understand the importance of the river Ganges to every Indian.

Mobile Science Exhibition

In addition to the cultural program, the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) in Kolkata also organized a mobile science exhibition called ‘Arth Ganga’ as a tribute to the river Ganges. The exhibition was flagged off from Varanasi before the concert and will travel through districts and sites located near the river Ganges. The exhibition includes 18 panels that cover topics such as the tributaries of the Ganges, dams on the river, and the Sunderbans, among others. The exhibition is meant to raise public awareness about the conservation and restoration of the holy river.



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