Jharkhand Tourism Policy: What are its objectives?

Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Hemant Soren, launched the “Jharkhand Tourism Policy” with the aim of reviving, renewing and revamping the tourism sector in State. With this policy, state shall no more be known for extractions. Its attractions would mesmerize India and the world.

Jharkhand Tourism Policy was launched with following objectives:

  • It is aimed at reviving, renewing, and revamping the tourism sector in Jharkhand.
  • It seeks to provide a different dimension and perspective on how the world sees the state.
  • It further seeks to bring out the marvels of Jharkhand, that is a mixture of old-world charms and new age excitements.
  • The policy also focuses on providing civic amenities and adopting ways for the beautification of sites including Parasnath, Deoghar, Itkhori and Madhuban.

Religious Tourist Units:

Under the policy, a Religious Tourists Units will also be set up, with the aim of elevating the potential of religious tourism in Jharkhand.

Events to be organised:

Under the newly launched policy following events would be organised:

  1. Food Festivals and Interstate Culture Exchange Programs & conferences: Such events would be organised to help the tourists in experience the regal and resplendent culture of state. Events would showcase the vibrant and diverse culture.
  2. Annual Adventure Sports Events: Sports events would be organized and Water sports activities would be developed. It will be extended to water bodies such as Tilaiya, Chandil, Massanjore, Kelaghagh, Pataratu, Getalsud, Hatia Dam and Kanke Dam.
  3. Regulatory frameworks: Regulatory frameworks would be created to ensure safety standards.

Provisions for investors:

The policy also proposes attractive provisions for prospective investors. It includes road permit, direct purchases of land of tourism enterprises, subsidy limit of 20-25%. New tourism units will be allowed for reimbursement of 75& of net state GST, that has been paid for 5 years since the commercial operation started.



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