Global Leader Approval Ratings

Morning Consult is a US-based tracker. According to the recent reports of the tracker on the popular leaders of the world, our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi topped the list of popular leaders in the world. He received 78% of the approval. In the second position was the Mexican President with 69% of approval and the Swiss president was in the third position.

What does the 2023 rating on global leaders say?

  • This is the second consecutive time PM Modi has been at the top of the list.
  • 22 leaders were surveyed in total
  • 18% of Indians disagree with the fact that Modi is the most popular leader in the world
  • US President Joe Biden received 40% in the rating and was in the seventh position
  • Canadian PM Justin Trudeau received 40%. Though his rating was the same as that of the American president, he was in the ninth position
  • UK Prime Minister: 30%: 13th position

Ratings of PM Modi

PM Modi’s ratings were the highest in 2020. He received 84%. In 2021, his ratings declined to 63% while India was fighting against COVID

How are approval ratings calculated?

A seven-day average is taken. This average is calculated based on daily interviews. More than 20,000 interviews are done on a daily bases



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