Daily UPSC Prelims Current Affairs – August 01, 2022 [Mock Test]

1. With respect to the Kudumbashree initiative, consider the following statements:

  1. It was launched in Karnataka in late 90s.
  2. It is an innovative model for poverty eradication through primary education.
  3. It has three components i.e., microcredit, entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

[A] Only 1 & 2
[B] Only 2 & 3
[C] Only 3
[D] Only 1

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2. Who among the following Prime Ministers of India is associated with the following achievements?

  1. Pokhran II nuclear tests
  2. Implementation of Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan
  3. Implementation of National Highway Development Project

Choose the correct answer using the codes given below:

[A] Indira Gandhi
[B] Narsimha Rao
[C] Morarji Desai
[D] Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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3. Consider the following statements on Virus-like particles:

  1. These are non-infectious.
  2. They contain no viral genetic material.
  3. They can only be synthesized artificially in labs.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

[A] Only 1 & 2
[B] Only 2 & 3
[C] Only 1 & 3
[D] 1, 2 & 3

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