Current Affairs September 2010: Quiz 2 for Banking Examinations

1. Recently Government has rejected to give environment clearance to $1.7 billion mining project of vedanta. This project was proposed in which of the following areas?
(A)Niyamgiri hills
(E)None of these

2. India is the country which is giving competition to China in the Car market. By what fraction the passanger car market in India grew in April-July 2010 ?
(E)None of these

3. Subhiksha, failed retail company, is having Rs. 750 Crore debt from 13 banks on it. ICICI is the biggest lender to it. Recently ICICI is going to Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) to recover the debt. What amount it owes to Shubhiksha?
(A)Rs. 100 Crore
(B)Rs. 150 Crore
(C)Rs. 200 Crore
(D)Rs. 250 Crore
(E)None of these

4. BRAHMOS is named after?
(C)Space Stations
(E)None of these

5. Fortis is planning to list its shares in Singapore Stock Exchange. It is a major company in which market segment?
(A)Real Estate
(B)Health Care
(E)None of these

6. Recently Govt. admitted that there was an error in the GDP numbers. Which among the following is / are most appropriate ways to calculate GDP?
(A)By calculating supply/production
(B)By calculating demand/expenditure
(C)By calculating income
(D)All of these
(E)None of these

7. Recently we are hearing about a proposed new district in Amethi loksabha constituency in UttarPradesh. It is named after a Dalit leader. What is the name of this Dalit Leader?
(C)Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj
(D)Rettamalai Srinivasan
(E)None of these

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8. Recently we are hearing a new phrase “Safron Terror” in newspaper. Who among the following leaders was in controversy after coining this new term for “Hindu Terror”?
(A)Digvijay Singh
(B)Lalu Prasad Yadav
(D)Mamta Banarjee
(E)P. Chidambaram

9. Recently Punjab Highcourt rejected the plea of Former DGP of Haryana S.P.S. Rathore. In which of the following cases he is accused?
(A)Jessica lal murder case
(B)Ruchika murder case
(C)Jethmalani case
(D)Best Bakery case
(E)None of these

10. Nowadays govt is thinking to declare Elephant as National Heritage animal (over 25,000 population). Last year govt declared which aquatic animal as National Aquatic animal?
(C)Gangetic Dolphin
(D)Gold fish
(E)None of these

11. Recently Senior IPS Officer K. Arvinda Rao has been appointed as the new DGP of which state?

12. Recently Perambalur district of Tamilnadu has identified a site to set a model school. Model school is the scheme of central to set up these school in educationally backwards areas. How many school are going to be set up in Eleventh Five Year Plan?

13. Recently , who among the following has been appointed the new chief of NSG (National Security Guard)?
(A)R K Medhekar
(B)G K Dutt
(C)NPS Aulakh
(D)ML Kumawat
(E)None of these

14. Now a days we are hearing a lot about Naxalixm. In this context what is Salwa Judum?
(A)Naxal party of Chattisgarh
(B)Anti Naxal movement of Chattisgarh
(C)Tagline of Naxalism
(D)only A and C
(E)None of these

15. Vineet Jain has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Press Trust of India (PTI). He is Managing Director of which of the following newspaper groups?
(A)The Hindu
(B)Indian Express
(C)Hindustan Times
(D)Times of India
(E)None of these

16. Recently Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries acquired a strategic stake in EIH (East India Hotels), the company which owns and runs Oberoi Hotels and Resorts for Rs. 1021 Crore. What percentage of stake has been acquired?
(E)None of these

17. Recently NTPC signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a country’s Power Development Board to set up a 1,320 MW thermar power plant. Which is country?
(B)Shri Lanka

17. Carl Edward Sagan is a famous American astronomer and author. Which book (s) is/are written by him?
(A)Dragons of Eden
(B)Boka’s Brain
(D)All of these
(E)None of these

18. Dan Brown is a famous writer of thriller fiction. Which book/s is/are written by him?
(A)Digital Fortress
(B)Deception Point
(C)The Lost Symbol
(D)All of these
(E)None of these

19. Eklavya Awards are for boosting morale in sportsperson. Recently how many sportsperson got Eklavya Awards for 2009?
(E)None of these

20. Recently Annual Primetime Emmy Awards hosted by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences took place. These are famous Television productiona award. This was the …… Emmy awards.
(E)None of these



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