Current Affairs September 2010 : Quiz 3

1. Recently Government has launched a new project named “The Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative (GANDHI)” for integrated development and heritage conservation of Dandi and surrounding villages. What is the approximate cost of this project?
(A)Rs. 23 crore
(B)Rs. 24 crore
(C)Rs. 25 crore
(D)Rs. 26 crore
(E)None of these

2. Recently we read in the newspapers that the Supreme Court has directed to distribute food free to poor rather than letting it rotten in the open godowns. However, the Government decides to give additional food for poor not free but at the BPL prices. The quantity of this food is approximately?
(A)1.5 million tonnes
(B)2.5 million tonnes
(C)3.5 million tonnes
(D)4.5 million tonnes
(E)None of these

3. Recently Post Master General Sharda Sampath released a commemorative stamp on former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Y.S. Rajashekhar Reddy. Which among the following is the value of this postal stamp?
(A)Rs. 1
(B)Rs. 2
(C)Rs. 5
(D)Rs. 10
(E)None of these

4. Montreal Film Festival is going on from 26th Aug 2010 to 6th September 2010. In this film festival a Bengali film is selected for screening. Which of the following is the name of movie?
(A)Antim Swash Sundor
(B)Bomkesh Bakshi
(D)Sara Raat

5. Polavaram Indira Sagar Project which is making news now a days , is located in which of the following states?
(E)None of these

6. Who among the following is the Chief Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister?
(A)Kaushik Basu
(B)C. Rangarajan
(C)Nanda Kumar
(D)Pranab Mukharjee
(E)None of these

7. Which among the following industry is repeatedly making news as the Government is planning to decontrol it ?
(A)Power Industry
(B)Handloom Industry
(C)Coal Industry
(D)Sugar Industry
(E)None of these

8. President Pratibha Patil will give a National Award to the Headmaster of a madarsa (Orgram Chatuspalli High Madarasa) in West Bengal’s Bardhaman district. The madarsa has distinguished itself in being secular. Who is the headmaster of this Madarsa?
(A)Anwar Mohammad
(B)Anwar Ali
(C)Sahib Mohammad
(D)Anwar Hossain
(E)None of these

9. Who among the following is the Union Minister of Mines?
(A)Bijoy Krishna Handique
(B)Prakash Jaiswal
(C)Sartaj Singh
(D)Jairam Ramesh
(E)None of these

10. Who is the author of recently published book “Aftertaste”?
(A)Amitav Ghosh
(B)Nandita Devidayal
(C)Kiran Desai
(D)Anita Desai
(E)None of these

11. Recently India’s most prominent Badminton player Saina Nehwal slipped to third from second in world ranking. Bring out the top ranker:
(A)Xin Wang
(B)Yihan Wang
(C)Lin Wang
(D)Xie Xing Fang
(E)None of these

12. Recenlty, we read in the newspapers that investment firm 3G Capital is going to buy the Number 2 US Food Chain. Which among the following is that Food Chain of US?
(A)Burger King
(B)Caffè Nero
(C)Captain D’s
(E)None of these

13. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu is the birth name of which of the following great personality?
(A)Margaret Chan
(B)Margaret Thatcher
(C)Annie Besant
(D)Mother Teresa
(E)None of these

14. Fear of artificial things which looks like human is called?
(E)None of these

15. Who is director of the recently released famous hollywood movie “Inception”?
(A)Christopher Nolan
(B)Steven Spielberg
(C)Francis Ford Coppola
(D)Frank Darabont
(E)None of these

16. The famous animationa movie “Toy Story” was released in 1995. Recently “Toy Story 3” released. Which animation company is behind this series of movies?
(A)Dreamworks Animationa
(B)Melodrama Pictures
(C)Pixar Animation Studio
(D)Walt Disney Pictures
(E)None of these

17. Largest number of Members of parliament are from Uttar Pradesh. Which state is second ?

18. Commonwealth Games are going to be held in New Delhi from this October 2010. In which year, the first commonwealth games took place?

19. How many member states are there in Commonwealth Nations?

20. “Your Place In The Sky” is the slogan of which of the following Airline company?
(C)Air Sahara
(D)Air Deccan
(E)Air India



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