Quiz 421: General Studies for Civil Services Examinations

1.Which among the following is one of the 8 missions of India’s National Action Plan of Climate Change which strictly adopts the expansion of Energy Conservation Building Code?
(A)National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency
(B)National Mission on Sustainable Habitat
(C)National Mission for Green India
(D)National Solar Mission

2.Consider the following:
1. Central Government
2. State Governments
Which among the above can fix FRP (Fair & Remunerative Prices) for the Sugarcane Mills after the recently amended Essential Commodities Act?
(A)1 Only
(B)2 Only
(C)Both 1 & 2
(D)neither 1 Nor 2

3.Consider the following :
1. Private Recognized Schools
2. Government Recognized Schools
3. Madarsas
Which among the above come under the purview of Right to Education Act?
(A)Only 2
(B)Both 1 & 2
(C)All 1, 2, 3,
(D)Only 1

4.Consider the following years and the number of languages in Eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution:
1. 1952 : 14 Languages
2. 1970 : 17 Languages
3. 1996 : 22 Languages
Which among the above are correct matches?
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2 only
(C)1 & 3 only
(D)None of them is correct

5.Shale Gas is becoming more and more popular in today’s Global Gas Exploration Market. Which among the following property of Shale Gas makes it a potential replacement to the conventional Natural gas?
(A)Its distinct Chemical Property which makes it less polluting
(B)Its distinct physical property which makes it easy to store & handle
(C)It’s cost effective production comparing to the conventional Gas
(D)It’s availability in huge Reserves

6.Consider the following:
1. Cooperative Banks
2. Scheduled Cooperative Banks
3. Scheduled Commercial Banks
Which among the above are allowed to invest in Private Bonds in India?
(A)only 3
(B)only 2 & 3
(C)All of them
(D)Only 1 & 2

7.Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a part of which of the following bodies ?
(A)International Monetary Fund
(B)World Economic Forum
(C)United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

8.Consider the following:
1. Federation of Indian Mineral Industries
2. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
3. Federation of Indian Export Organizations
Which among the above was/ were set up by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India?
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2 only
(C)2 & 3 only
(D)3 only

9.Which among the following groups of Banks in India was previously referred as ‘Other Scheduled Commercial Banks’?
(A)National Banks
(B)Foreign Banks
(C)Scheduled Cooperative Banks
(D)Private Banks

10.”Cinder cone” is a phenomenon related to which of the following ?
(C)Tropical Storms

11.Which among the following Buddhist Text is considered to have been recorded by Buddha himself?

12.Which of the following fundamental right is also known to have incorporated a “Necessary Evil” of the Constitution of India?
(A)Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech, etc.
(B)Protection in respect of conviction for offences.
(C)Protection of life and personal liberty.
(D)Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases.

13.In which year Indian Citizenship Act was passed?

14.An Indian passport holder leaves for abroad for an appointment on April 1, 2010. On which date, if he does not return, he would be deemed as Non Resident?
(A)29 September
(B)2 October
(C)11 October
(D)31 December

15.Consider the following:
1. PIO Card Holder
2. NRI
3. Overseas Citizens of India
Which among the above would require to register with authorities if their stay exceeds 6 months in India?
(A)Only 2
(B)Only 1 & 2
(C)Only 1 & 3
(D)Only 1

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  • Shashi dwivedi

    plz describe it
    Q An instrument that derives it values from a specified underlying (currency , gold ,stock etc)
    is know as :-
    A) Derivative
    B) hedge fund
    C) Factoring
    D) Securitisation receipt
    E) None

  • Admin

    Hedge Fund. Refer to Quiz 39 Question 4

  • Bank PO Exam

    guru ji pls explain PIO card holder..!!!

  • legion d’ honneur

    @Ahlavat follow this


  • sudhir

    sir isn't hedge fund a subpart of Derivatives????

    please clear…..