IBPS Bank PO 2012 Quiz

Some Questions from Bank of India PO General Awareness Dated 24-1-2010

Our Reader Community is actively participating making this site a great source of reference. One of our reader Bhoopathi Balu has sent some questions from the Bank of India PO Examination General Awareness held on 24-1-2010. I am not framing a quiz, rather putting the questions, as sent by Balu with my answers. Balu has ..


Bank PO Descriptive Question: Financial Sector Reforms in Context with Banking in India

Q. What do you understand by Financial Sector Reforms? Elucidate some Financial Sector Reforms in Context with the Banking Industry in India: Answer:Indian economy got itself plunged into deep crisis by the end of the eighties and early nineties. The Post Gulf war economic retrains, lack of clear financial planning by previous governments, political instability ..

Bank PO Descriptive Paper Question: Steps to Control Sugar Prices

Question: Recently we read in the newspapers that Domestic sugar prices in India have surged by almost 80-90 per cent in 2009. Elucidate some steps taken by Central Government of India to control the sugar prices”Answer: India is the original home of sugarcane and sugar. India is the second largest producer of sugar in the ..