IBPS Bank PO 2012 Quiz: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

Current Affairs : September 2010: Quiz 5 for Banking Examinations

1. The INFINET (communication channel for transmission of electronic communication by banks) is stands for which of the following? (A)India National & Finance Network(B)Indian Financial Network(C)International Financial Network(D)Indian Financial Information Network(E)None of these 2. Rafael Nadal (Spain) entered in the club of professionals, who have won all four Grand Slams. Nadal defeated whom in the ..

Current Affairs September 2010: Quiz 4 for Bank Clerical Examinations

1. Which of the following software giants has designed “worldwide telescope” a computer programme, which enables you to study even the universe and zoom the outer space? (A)Google(B)Microsoft(C)IBM(D)Cisco(E)None of these 2. One Bale of cotton is equal to how many Kilograms in India? (A)140(B)150(C)160(D)170(E)None of these 3. Who among the following is the Managing Director ..

Current Affairs September 2010: Quiz 2 for Banking Examinations

1. Recently Government has rejected to give environment clearance to $1.7 billion mining project of vedanta. This project was proposed in which of the following areas? (A)Niyamgiri hills(B)Damanjodi(C)Panchpatmali(D)Lanjigarh(E)None of these 2. India is the country which is giving competition to China in the Car market. By what fraction the passanger car market in India grew ..

Current Affairs Quiz : August -3 For Banking Officers Examinations

1.To whom among the following, a Judge of a High court would tender his / her resignation?(A)Chief Justice of High Court(B)Chief Justice of Supreme Court(C)Governor of the state in question(D)President of India 2.Which among the following is the correct definition of a Flea Market ?(A)A flea Market is another name for a near perfect competitive ..

Current Affairs April 2010 Mega Quiz-I for Banking, Civil Services, State Services , CDS and all other Examinations

1.Aretha Louise Franklin, who is most commonly known as “The Queen of Soul” and who won 18 Grammy awards became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. Recently she was in the news as she has been inducted into the hall of fame at New ..

Mega Quiz March (First) Based Upon Current Affairs for Bank PO, Civil Services & all Other Examinations

1.Recently we read in the news papers that India and Saudi Arabia have signed ‘Riyadh Declaration’ with a resolve to raise their cooperation to strategic partnership covering security, economic, defense and political areas. This has been considered as a step ahead to Delhi Declaration signed between these two countries in which of the following years?(A)2004(B)2005(C)2006(D)2007(E)2008 ..

Some Questions from Bank of India PO General Awareness Dated 24-1-2010

Our Reader Community is actively participating making this site a great source of reference. One of our reader Bhoopathi Balu has sent some questions from the Bank of India PO Examination General Awareness held on 24-1-2010. I am not framing a quiz, rather putting the questions, as sent by Balu with my answers. Balu has ..

Bank PO Descriptive Question: Financial Sector Reforms in Context with Banking in India

Q. What do you understand by Financial Sector Reforms? Elucidate some Financial Sector Reforms in Context with the Banking Industry in India: Answer:Indian economy got itself plunged into deep crisis by the end of the eighties and early nineties. The Post Gulf war economic retrains, lack of clear financial planning by previous governments, political instability ..