Current Affairs Quiz: December 4,5, 2013

1. Which of the following movies has won Golden Peacock award at the 44th International Film Festival of India?
[A]Beatriz’s War
[B]Apur Panchali
[C]Meghe Dhaka Tara

Beatriz’s War
Beatriz’s War, East Timor’s first feature film in its post colonization period and its co-director Bety Reis’s debut, won the Golden Peacock award for the 2013 best film, and prize money of 40 lakh.

2. As per the study of Ipsos Economic Pulse of the world, India is the __ economically confident country in the world. Fill the blank with correct option?

As per the study of Ipsos Economic Pulse of the world, India is the 7th economically confident country in the world. Ipsos is the global research firm. India

3. Pulichintala multipurpose project, which was conceived in 1911 by British engineer Col.Ellis has been inaugurated exactly after 102 years recently. On which river is this project located?
[A] Manjira

The Pulichintala project, the terminal reservoir on River Krishna that was conceived in 1911 by British engineer Col.Ellis has been inaugurated exactly after 102 years. Named after eminent engineer and former Union Minister, Late K L Rao, the Pulichintala dam built across the Krishna River between areas in Nalgonda on one side and Guntur on the other side, is the third major irrigation project, after Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar.

4. The “Operation IceBridge” is a NASA mission that aims to monitor changes in polar ice on __?

IceBridge, a six-year NASA mission, is the largest airborne survey on the Earth’s polar ice ever flown. It will yield an unprecedented three-dimensional view of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, ice shelves and sea ice. These flights will provide a yearly, multi-instrument look at the behaviour of the rapidly changing features of the Greenland and Antarctic ice.

5. Who among the following has won UN Human Rights Prize 2013?
[A]Malala Yousafzai
[B]Angel Markel
[C]Nelson Mandela
[D]Kofi Anann

Malala Yousafzai
Pakistani teen activist Malala Yousafzai won the UN Human Rights Prize 2013. The winners of the prestigious UN prize in the field of Human Rights for 2013 are Ms.Malala Yousafzai and Mr.Biram Dah Abeid from Mauritania.

6. As per the latest Census data, which one of the following states has the highest proportion of homeless population in the country?
[C]Madhya Pradesh

Rajasthan has the highest proportion of homeless and had the least success in reducing the proportion of homeless persons along Haryana and West Bengal. Four states Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh account for about half the country’s homeless population.

7. Paul Walker, who died recently, was famous for which of the following movie series?
[A]Hell Boy
[B]Ghost Rider
[C]Fast and Furious
[D]Star War

Fast and Furious
Paul Walker was an American actor. He became famous as Brian O’Conner in the Fast and Furious film series. His other films include Eight Below, Into the Blue, Joy Ride, She’s All That and Takers.

8. S P Roy Burman, who passed away recently, was a well known___?

S P Roy Burman was a well known industrialist. He was the founder and chairman emeritus of Khadim India Limited. Mr Burman had conceptualised “affordable fashion footware” which had placed Khadim on the leather industry map of India.

9. Name the Pakistan cricket player who has been inducted into cricket’s Hall of Fame, recently?
[A]Waqar Younis
[B]Inzamam Ul-ak
[C]Sahid Afridi
[D]Saheed Anwar

Waqar Younis
Pakistan’s pace bowling great Waqar Younis and former Australian wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist were inducted into cricket’s Hall of Fame. Waqar joins Hanif Mohammad and former team-mates Imran Khan, Javed Miandad and Wasim Akram as the Pakistanis in the exclusive club.

10. Which of the following countries parliament has adopted a law protecting state secrets despite of public opposition?
[D]South Korea

Japan’s parliament has adopted a law on protecting state secrets despite a public outcry, with strong opposition from the media and academics who fear it will infringe on the right to information and free expression.

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