Belgium became second country to allow Mercy Killing for children

The Catholic country, Belgium became the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children of any age. This action of legalizing death for the children came 12 years after the country legalized euthanasia for adults. The Parliament of Belgium took the decision in spite of opposition from the Church and some paediatricians.

  • Belgium became the second country after Netherlands to allow mercy-killing for children and the first to lift all age restrictions. 

Under the approved legislation by the Parliament, a young child will be allowed to end their life with the help of a doctor. The legislation has not fixed any age limit for minors suffering from a terminal illness to opt for the death by use of a lethal injection.
Other European countries that allows active euthanasia are:-

  • Luxembourg: Permits active euthanasia for over 18 years in age.
  • Switzerland: Doctors help adult patients to commit suicide. 
About Euthanasia
  • Refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering.
  • Forms of euthanasia: Active and passive euthanasia
  • Active euthanasia: when the medical professionals, or another person, deliberately do something that causes the patient to die.
  • Passive euthanasia:  when the patient dies because the medical professionals either don’t do something necessary to keep the patient alive, or when they stop doing something that is keeping the patient alive.
  • Jurisdictions where euthanasia or assisted suicide is legal: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Estonia, Albania, and the US states of Washington, Oregon and Montana.



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