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NITI Aayog and Netherlands sign “Decarbonisation and Energy Transition Agenda”

NITI Aayog and Netherlands recently signed a Statement of Intent. They agreed to support “Decarbonization and Energy Transition Agenda” to accommodate cleaner energy. Highlights Under the SoI, the partners will co-create innovative technological solutions. This is to be achieved through exchange of knowledge and collaborative activities. Key Components of the agreement The key elements of ..

Netherland to bring Russia before European Court of Human Rights

The Dutch Government (Netherlands) will bring Russia before European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for its role in downing of flight MH17. Highlights The Dutch Government will submit an inter-state application and will share relevant information about downing of Flight MH17. In 2014, the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crashed in the conflict zone of eastern ..

Netherlands Flower Industry

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting drop in demand for the flower industry, the Netherlands’ flower producers are destroying most of their produce during the peak season. Effect of COVID-19 The demand for flowers usually peaks in March in Netherlands. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the producers were forced to ..

Tasnim Mir and Mansi Singh win bronze medals at Yonex Dutch Junior International 2020

Indian shuttlers Tasnim Mir and Mansi Singh were seen in news as they recently won a bronze medal each in the girls’ singles event at the Yonex Dutch Junior International 2020. The Badminton event was held in Haarlem, Netherlands. India has won two bronze medals in girls’ singles, for the first time at this BWF ..

Dutch court rules out Netherlands’ System Risk Indicator

The identification mechanism called SyRI (System Risk Indicator) of the Netherlands was ruled out by a Dutch court, citing reasons of data privacy and human rights concerns. The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs had developed SyRI in 2014 to identify the persons who would probably commit fraud and receive government benefits. The Hague district court ..