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France and UK reaffirm support for Iran Nuclear Deal

On the sidelines of the Libya Summit held in the capital city of Germany, Berlin on Sunday, 19th January 2020 the President of France, Emmanuel Macron and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reiterated their commitment to the JCPoA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) for 2015 Iran nuclear deal and has acknowledged the need ..

Deepika Padukone among recipients of 26th Annual Crystal Award

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will be conducted from 21-24 January 2020 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. The meeting will mark the 50th edition of the Annual Meeting, making it a special occasion to the legacy of the World Economic Forum. Every year during the Annual Meeting, Cultural leaders are awarded under the Crystal Awards in ..

Israel refuses entry of US congresswomen in country

Isreal has decided to refuse to allow the entry of 2 Democratic congresswomen in the country after they pledged their support for the Palestinian-led boycott movement in Isreal. What has happened? Israel has barred the entry of US Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar in the country. Both women belong to the US Democratic Party ..


Greenland is an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark, located at the crossroads between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. It is the world’s largest Island and lies east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The Capital of Greenland is Nuuk which hosted the 2016 Arctic Winter Games. Greenland also has over 70% of its energy ..

?No first use? Nuclear Policy

Conventionally 9 nations are thought to possess nuclear weapons. These include the 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (US, UK, Russia, China and France), 3 other member states who have an openly declared nuclear weapons program (India, Pakistan and North Korea) and one other nation (Isreal) which maintains a deliberate silence on ..

US Tariff Wars

While the United States and China are already engaged in a massive trade war which is also impacting other countries, President Trump has attacked the World Trade Organization for refusing to recognize the fact that the nations of India and China are no longer developing nations,? Why is it in the news? The US President ..

Indian Government’s outreach to Global Indian Diaspora

Given India’s large population and the wide variety of skill sets available in the country, India remains a leading source of workers and skilled immigrants globally. In the United States, the Indian American community, which is barely a fraction of the population (1%) are among the Nation’s most educated, wealthiest and business-driven ethnicities in the ..

Looming Global Economic Slowdown leads to a recession

As per a report put out by Morgan Stanley, which is one of the world’s leading global financial firms, the world economy appears to be heading towards a recession. However, fortunately for India, as per the initial projections of the Morgan Stanley group, the economic downturn is not going to affect India. What has happened? ..