Amazon Quiz Answers Today 7 January 2020

1) This actor born on 29th December fittingly bought a house name ‘Dimple’ from Rajendra Kumar but then renamed it Aashirwad. Name him.

Answer: Rajesh Khanna

2) Noor Ahmed was the youngest player to enter the auction for the 2020 IPL. Which country has he represented at the U19 level?

Answer: Afghanistan

3) Nicolas Cage (Hollywood actor), Eden Hazard (Belgian footballer and Real Madrid player), Bipasha Basu(Indian actress & model) & Lewis Hamilton (F1 racer and current world champion) have one the following things in common. What is it?

Answer: Born on the same day (Today)

4) ‘Mr. Watson-come here-I want to see you’ were the first lines communicated through which medium? (Hint: Graham Bell invented this device)

Answer: Telephone

5) In which of these sports did Jitu Rai, rise to world no.1 in his category in July 2014?

Answer: Shooting

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