Amazon Quiz 24th December 2019

1) According to Google, what was India’s most-searched term of 2019?

Ans: Cricket World Cup

2) Which 2019 video game revolves around various incidents that happen in the fictional country of Urzikstan?

Ans: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

3) The westernmost point of India falls in which state?

Ans: Gujarat

4) Which popular actor born on 21st December 1963, played a negative role for the first time in the movie Shikari in 2000?

Ans: Govinda

5)How do we better know Paul David Hewson, who with his group put up a memorable show at the DY Patil Stadium on December 15th, 2019? (Hint: U2 performed on 15th December in Mumbai).
Ans: Bono


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