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Quiz 513: For General Studies Civil Services (Prelims)

1. Who among the following repealed the Vernacular Press Act ? [A] Lord Lytton[B] Lord Ripon[C] Lord Dufferin[D] Lord Lansdowne Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Lord Ripon] 2. Which among the following commissions was established by an amendment of the Constitution of India? [A] National Commission for Protection of Child Rights[B] National Commission for Minorities[C] ..

Quiz 512: General Studies for Civil Services Examinations

1. The Universities of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras were established as the outcome of which among the following? [A] Hunter Commission Report[B] Sir Charleswood’s dispatch[C] Indian Universities Act[D] Hartog Committee Hartog Committee Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Sir Charleswood’s dispatch] 2. The natural Pacemaker in the Human Heart is located in the SA node which is present ..

Quiz 511: GK Questions for All Exams

1. Consider the following events: 1. First Round Table Conference 2. Pakistan Declaration 3. Poona Pact 4. Gandhi Irwin Pact Which among the following represents the correct chronological order of the above events? [A] 1 , 2, 3, 4[B] 1, 4, 3, 2,[C] 4, 3, 2, 1[D] 3, 4, 2, 1 Show Answer Correct Answer: B [1, 4, 3, 2,] ..

Quiz 510: General Studies for Civil Services Examinations

1. In which of the following state Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary is  located? [A] Tamil Nadu[B] Kerala[C] Karnataka[D] Andhra Pradesh Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Tamil Nadu] 2. Which among the following is studied under ” fulminology”? [A] Sudden changes in atmosphere[B] Lightning[C] Cloudbursts[D] Volcanic Eruptions Show Answer Correct Answer: B [Lightning] 3. With reference to ..

Quiz 509: Basic General Awareness Questions for All Examinations

1. The provisions relating to promissory notes have been incorporated in which among the following acts? [A] Indian Contract Act[B] Indian Partnership Act[C] Negotiable Instruments Act[D] None of the above Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Negotiable Instruments Act] 2. On February 18, 1911, the first commercial plane flew in India between which among the following cities? [A] ..

Quiz 508: General Studies

1. “Nomadic Elephant” is joint counter-insurgency exercise between India and: [A] Malaysia[B] Sri Lanka[C] Mongolia[D] Myanmar Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Mongolia] 2. Since which of the following years, India and Pakistan have been exchanging the list of their nuclear installations through diplomatic channels, as per an agreement signed in that year? [A] 1983[B] 1985[C] 1988[D] ..

Quiz 506: Current General Knoweldge For All Examinations

1. Consider the following statements: 1. The famous Ramsar Convention is one of the important UN Environment Conventions2. All the designated Ramsar Sites are listed in the Montreux Record Which among the above statements is / are correct? [A] Only 1 is correct[B] Only 2 is correct[C] Both 1 & 2 are correct[D] Neither 1 nor 2 is correct Show ..