Quiz 506: Current General Knoweldge For All Examinations

1. Recently, which among the following Rating agency has launched a grading of the educational institutions , to begin with the business management schools of the country?
(D)None of them

2. What is the number of the Biogeographic zones in India?

3. Consider the following:
1. Department of Space
2. Department of Telecommunications
3. India Meteorological Department
4. All India Radio
5. Doordarshan
Which among the above are in the Joint venture of Indian National Satellite System (INSAT)?
(A)1, 2 & 3
(B)2, 3, 4 & 5
(C)1, 4 & 5
(D)all of them

4. Which among the following state has been selected for The India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)?
(A)Tamil Nadu
(D)Andhra Pradesh

5. The Department of Science is developing an online instrument for quality assessment in Edible Oil Industry, which was recently in the news. Which among the following technique is used for developing this tool for quality assessment in Edible Oil Industry?
(A) Near Infrared Spectroscopy
(B)Molecular vibration
(C)Absorption spectroscopy
(D)Gas chromatography

6. As per the news published recently in the newspapers, in which of the following states, world’s first facility to manufacture carbon foam batteries is coming up?
(D)Andhra Pradesh

7. Recently, India has joined the elite club of advanced countries producing titanium sponge with the inauguration of 500 tonne capacity titanium sponge plant (first of its kind in India) in which among the following states?
(B)Tamil Nadu

8. In context with the banking, Intermediation cost refers to which among the following?
(A)Payments to and provisions for employees
(B)Total operating expenses
(C)Total non-interest expenses
(D)None of them

9. In bank group-wise classification, IDBI Bank Ltd has been included in which among the following?
(A)Nationalized Banks
(B)Private Sector Banks
(C)Foreign Banks
(D)None of them

10. Which among the following is a correct statement about the IDEA scheme launched by the Government of India?
(A)It is a scheme of export development in which the states are issued grants for development of exports
(B)Its a scheme for innovation development in the country which was launched keeping in view the 2010-20 as Decade of Innovation
(C)It’s a scheme launched by Government of India for providing grants or project assistance to developing countries in the Africa, South Asia and other countries of Developing world
(D)IDEA scheme is related to the Ministry of Science and Technology for development of new projects in Technology field.

11. The Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF), which aims to catalyze development in backward areas, was approved by the CCEA in August, 2006. How many backward districts are covered under the BGRF?

12. In which state is located the Tuirial Hydro Electric Project ?
(D)Arunachal Pradesh

13. As per an all India enumeration, that was undertaken during the financial year 2007-08, which among the following states has largest number of wild elephants in India ?
(D)Tamil Nadu

14. Which among the following has the lowest frequency Range?

15. Justice Nazmun Ara Sultana has recently become the first woman judge of the supreme court of which of the following countries?

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  • Anonymous

    Fiscal deficit = Market borrowings + budget deficit.
    Can anyone please tell me that Market borrowings here include only from domestic market or from domestic and international market both??

  • Anonymous

    only the domestic market