Yuva Sangam Registration Portal

The development in the northeastern states has always been slow as compared to the Indian mainland. This is mainly because the states are covered with forests and the percentage of the tribal population is high. Also, natural factors hinder the development of the region. For instance, Brahmaputra is called Sorrow of Assam. Frequent earthquakes occur in the region. There are anti-socialistic groups, Naga insurgencies, etc; Chinese interference in the border; the Inrush of Rohingyas and many more reasons that hinder the development of North Eastern India. To fasten the development process in the region and to link the region with the rest of the mainland, the Government of India has launched the Yuva Sangam Registration portal

About the portal

The main objective of the portal is to connect with the youth in the northeast region. The portal was launched under the spirit of “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat”. Through the Yuva Sangam initiative, youths in the region will travel across different parts of the country and learn about different cultures in India.


It is important to educate the youths and provide them with skills to develop the North Eastern Region. Chinese infiltrations are increasing in the region. GoI has to earn the trust of the locals in the region. Therefore, there is a necessity of inclusive development.



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