Where is ‘Gaziantep Castle’?

The recent Turkey Earthquake damaged the Gaziantep Castle. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.8 Ritcher and is one of the most disastrous earthquakes in the history of Turkey. The castle is in the province of Gaziantep in western Turkey. The castle was built during the era of the Hittite Empire. Later the Byzantine emperor expanded the castle.

About the castle

  • The Romans used the castle as a watch tower. Justinian I, the emperor of Byzantine expanded the castle during his reign between the second and third centuries.
  • Major changes in the castle were brought by the Ayyubids and the Ottoman Empire
  • Castle played a huge role in the Turkish War of Independence. The Turkish independence movement was a national wide military campaign launched after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the first world war. The military campaigns were launched against France in the southern parts, Greece in the western parts, Armenia in the east, and British and Ottoman troops in Constantinople.
  • The castle has been renovated into a museum. The museum runs a documentary on the independence movement against the French forces after the Ottoman empire was defeated in the first world war.

Two consecutive earthquakes destroyed the castle. The railings and walls in the castle were seriously damaged.



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