What is FRINJEX-23?

FRINJEX-23, the first-ever joint military exercise between Indian Army and French Army. It was between the 7th and 8th of March 2023 at Pangode Military Station in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Both contingents consist of a Company Group. India was represented by Indian Army troops based in Thiruvananthapuram and France was represented by the French 6th Light Armoured Brigade.

What was the aim of FRINJEX-23?

The exercise’s objective is to enhance inter-operability, coordination, and cooperation between both forces at the tactical level. It will involve establishing and operationalizing a joint command post to secure an area for joint humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, setting up an Internally Displaced Population (IDP) camp, and moving disaster relief material. The exercise will strengthen India’s defence cooperation with France, which is a crucial component of the overall Indo-France strategic partnership.

Note that the India-France bilateral naval exercise, Varuna-2023 (21st edition) was conducted in January. This 5-day exercise was organized and commenced on the Western Seaboard.

Significance of the FRINJEX-23

The exercise consolidated the strategic partnership between India and France. Also, the exercise helped the countries to collaborate for peace and harmony. Defence is the key aspect of the India-France Strategic Partnership, which was signed in 1998. According to the partnership, the countries will work together to achieve global security. The exercise will help the countries fulfil this objective.

How will FRINJEX-23 benefit India and France?

The exercise will boost the partnership and is a good augury for the Indo-Pacific. In 2020, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the Galwan valley. This was a turning point in India-China relations. The scenario brought time-tested old partners to the fore. France is one such partner. FRINJEX-23 and other similar exercises will bring the countries to the Indo-Pacific front and will aid in countering the growing assertiveness of China in the region.




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