US-Philippines Deal on Military access

The United States Government has built more than 750 military bases all over the world. And more than 120 military bases in Asia alone. However, the military presence between Australia and South Korea is very little. To counter the Chinese moves in the South China sea and to increase its presence in the region, the US has now signed a deal with the Philippines to gain access to four of the Philippines’ bases.

About the Deal

According to the deal sealed between the USA and the Philippines Government, the US will now gain access to four of the military bases in the Philippines. The deal reversed the US departure 30 years ago.

Significance of the Philippines to the US

The strategic location of the country is highly beneficial for the US and its intentions in the region. The Philippines borders Taiwan and South China sea, the major flashpoints.

What is China saying about US-Philippines military deal?

According to China, the US actions are to increase the tensions in the region. It will disturb the peace and stability in the South China region. China has disputes with almost every country in the South China Sea! With the Philippines, China’s dispute is in the West Philippine Sea. In 2016, the Philippines won the dispute at the Arbitral Tribunal and now the West Philippine Sea is under the jurisdiction of the Philippines.



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  1. Jeevanand

    February 3, 2023 at 3:57 pm

    I loved the statement, “China has dispute with every country in south China” :)


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