South China Sea: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

Yongle Blue Hole

A carbon cache which is over 8,000 years old was found inside the Yongle Blue Hole- the world’s deepest blue hole. 1) What is a blue hole? A blue hole is a marine cavern formed by the dissolution of rocks rich in carbonates. They are different from other aquatic caverns in that they are cut ..

First ASEAN-US Maritime Exercise to be held in South China Sea

The First ever ASEAN-US Maritime exercise (AMUX) is planned to be held in and around the contentious South China Sea from September 2, 2019. About the ASEAN-US Maritime exercise (AMUX) The AMUX will a naval exercise which will be held for the first time in the waters of South-East Asia and in the South China ..

India and ASEAN : Narrative about Indo-Pacific

At the 34th ASEAN summit, a document titled ‘ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific’ was released. It outlines the position of ASEAN on Indo-Pacific. Similarities and Parallels in Thoughts The ASEAN outlook envisages ASEAN centrality as the underlying principle for promoting cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. This narrative is close to the Indian position articulated by PM Narendra ..


Indian Naval Ship (INS) Kolkata and INS Shakti along with long-range maritime patrol aircraft Poseidon-8I (P8I) are continuing are participating in the annual Singapore India Maritime Bilateral Exercise 2019 SIMBEX-2019 scheduled from 16 May to 22 May 19. SIMBEX 2019 It involves two phases: Harbour phase and Sea phase: Harbour phase involved various planning conferences, ..

Singapore & South Korea jointly organize 2019 ADMM-PLUS maritime exercise

The 18 nations ADMM-Plus (Asean Defence Ministers’ Meeting-Plus) multilateral maritime security field exercise has recently concluded in Singapore on May 13. In it, two Indian Navy ships – Guided Missile Destroyer INS Kolkata and Fleet Support Ship INS Shakti carried out Group Sail with the naval ships of Japan, the Philippines and the U.S. in ..

Philippines warns China to back off the disputed island

Philippines President Duterte has warned China to back off the disputed island in South China sea. The Chinese presence in the South China Sea is increasing and has been warned by adjacent countries. It has also received criticism all over the world. China, Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam have been claiming various islands and ..

Singapore’s US F – 35 jet plan: A Message to China

Singapore now comes the 4th country to enmesh US F – 35 warplanes above and around South China sea. It has planned to buy 12 such war planes from the US. With China building small milittary islands in the South China sea, many nations like Singapore wants to entangle the Chinese moves over the South ..

The first-ever joint maritime exercise to be conducted between ASEAN and China

The first-ever joint maritime exercise will be conducted between ASEAN and China in the South China Sea near the city of Zhanjiang in an effort to reduce tensions in the disputed region. This exercise will provide very good opportunities from the navies of ASEAN and China to work together using the CUES (Code for Unplanned ..