Indian Submarine docks in Indonesia for the first time

After traversing the Sunda Strait, the Indian submarine INS Sindhukesari docked in Indonesia. This is the first time an Indian submarine is docking in Indonesia. With this, INS Sindhukesari makes history in India-Indonesia relations.


The docking shows India’s increasing military outreach in the region. Also, it depicts India’s nature of being a diplomatic role player in ASEAN. India ships visit Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. However, this is the first time, a submarine is visiting Indonesia.

INS Sindhukesari

It is a diesel-electric submarine. It belongs to Sindhughosh class designed as a part of Project 877. The Sindhughosh class is basically the replica of the KILO class of the Soviet Union. It can launch missiles up to 220 km.

The China factor

India docked its submarine when the dispute over the South China sea is at its highest. The dispute is between China and other countries in the region. China is creating artificial military islands in the region and extending its EEZs. Now apart from INS Sindhukesari, the biggest aircraft carrier of the US called the USS Nimitz is also docked in the region.

India recently conducted training sessions for Philippines personnel.



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