Ukraine’s Odesa designated as World Heritage in Danger site

The UNESCO of the United Nations presents the tag of World Heritage in Danger. World Heritage Sites face several problems such as development in tourism, war, natural disasters, poaching, urbanization, and pollution. To protect the sites from catastrophic damages, UNESCO designates them as World Heritage in Danger sites. Today, the list has 55 such sites. Recently, the ODESA of Ukraine was added to the list.

What is the plan?

Russian forces are conducting frequent air strikes in Ukraine. For this reason, the world heritage site Odesa is in danger. Now that UNESCO has made it a World Heritage Site in Danger, United Nations will now allocate funds to protect the site.

ODESA of Ukraine

The site is located near the Black sea and is 500 km from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Empress Catherine founded ODESA. She took away the region from the Ottoman Empire in 1794. The name ODESA is Greek. Catherine gave religious freedom to the people in ODESA and also offered them lands. She also gave Porto Franco, meaning a free port. No taxes were imposed on the port. This expanded the trade in Odesa attracting several foreign merchants.

Attractions in Odesa

  • The city has a giant stairway. There are 200 steps down the staircase. It was built in 1837. The staircase is the entrance point to Odesa
  • Vorontsovskyi Palace is a beautiful Turkish Castle in Odesa



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