Economic Survey 2016-17: Chapter-14: From Competitive Federalism To Competitive Sub-Federalism: Cities As Dynamos

In this chapter, the survey has focussed on “urbanization” and “competitive sub-federalism” with respect to cities and districts of the country. It has also discussed the challenges faced by Urban local bodies. The summary of this chapter is as follows: Need to study the changing dynamics of urbanization There is a need to study the […]


Impacts of Globalization on Aged Population of India

Globalization along with industrialisation, urbanization and technological changes has affected all segments of population including aged persons everywhere. The positive and negative impacts of Globalization on older people can be summarized as follows: Positive Impacts Healthcare This is one of the major benefits to the old age as healthcare has become more efficient. The treatments […]

Causes of Urban Floods in India

This topic gets its importance from recent floods in Chennai, Srinagar and other parts of the country. Urban areas are centres of economic activities with have vital infrastructure. Damage to this infrastructure can have a bearing not only on the country but also globally. Major cities such as Mumbai in 2005 and Chennai recently have […]

Environment Impacts of Urbanization on Lakes

Lakes are considered to be an important part of the urban ecosystem. They are relatively small in size, however performing significant environmental, social and economic functions, ranging from being a source of drinking water, recharging groundwater, acting as sponges to control flooding, supporting biodiversity and providing livelihoods. Also the water from the lakes acts as […]

Megacities: Concept, Features & Challenges

United Nations had observed as late as in 2007 that humanity will reach a significant demographic milestone, wherein for the first time in history more people will live in cities than the countryside and by 2030, over 60% of people will live in cities. The growth rate is particularly rapid in many of the so-called […]