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Sampoorna Nellu Krishi

Kerala’s Mayyil village panchayat’s ‘Sampoorna Nellu Krishi’ campaign has revived paddy cultivation in the region through use of scientific farming practices. Total Rice Campaign Total Rice Campaign or Sampoorna Nellu Krishi campaign was launched by Kerala’s Mayyil village panchayat in Kannur district in 2016. It used methods like monitoring soil health, formation of paddy farming ..

Kerala launches ‘Safe homes’ initiative

The Department of Social Justice of the state of Kerala has unveiled a unique initiative to open ‘safe homes’ to provide safe accommodation to inter-caste and inter-religious couples in all districts. The objective of the scheme is to ensure security for them while the scheme is implemented with the support of voluntary organisations. The Department ..

Kerala issues order to cap retail price of bottled drinking water

The state government of Kerala has issued an order to cap the retail price of bottled drinking water at Rs 13 per litre against the present price of Rs. 20 a litre. The Price cut was achieved as the bottled water has been made an essential commodity. The civil supplies department issued the order and ..

India’s first commercial LNG bus launched in Kerala

India’s first commercial Liquified Compressed natural gas (LNG) bus, which was developed by Petronet, was recently launched in the city of Kochi, Kerala. It is claimed that the bus will be able to travel up to 900 km in a single filling. Petronet also has plans to open 28 LNG dispensing stations in India and four stations ..

Katta and Madaka

With the increasing use of bore well and pump sets, traditional water conservation methods like katta and madaka are disappearing. What is a katta method of water conservation? Katta is a traditional method of water conservation used in parts of Kerala and Karnataka. These are structures built across rivulets and streams. It is a series ..