SCO Starup Forum 2023

The third edition of the SCO Startup Forum was organized recently. Its objective is to foster startup collaborations and innovation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states.

Transitioning from Virtual to Physical: SCO Startup Forum 2023

After two successful virtual editions, the SCO Startup Forum 2023 was organized as the first-ever physical event in New Delhi. The forum sought to expand startup interactions among SCO Member States, nurture innovation, and generate employment opportunities for young talent to develop innovative solutions.

Promoting Collaboration: Innovation Development and Common Platforms

The forum aimed to promote collaboration and entrepreneurship among SCO Member States. It focused on innovation development through the creation of common platforms, the exchange of ideas, and sharing best practices. Startup-to-startup bilateral meetings were conducted to advance this agenda.

Role of Engagements: Workshop on Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation

A workshop conducted by Startup India explored the role of bilateral and multilateral engagements in developing the startup ecosystem. The session included interactive discussions on various engagement models that can strengthen ties and enhance the startup ecosystem among SCO nations.

First-hand Experience: Startup Showcase and Incubator Visit

The delegation visited the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, for a startup showcase. This provided participants with insights into the Indian startup ecosystem, including funding, mentorship, and scaling opportunities. The visit aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange and inspire SCO startups to expand their businesses in India.

India’s Leadership: Sharing Opportunities and Inspiring Others

India took the opportunity to share the potential for expanding the innovation footprint and unite the startup ecosystem. By leading such engagements, India aims to inspire other SCO Member States to undertake similar programs and foster collaboration among startups.



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