Saudi Arabia to send its first woman to space

Rayyana Barnawi. The legendary woman is to make history. She will be the first Arab woman to enter space. This is a historical moment for the country that had centuries of restrictions against Muslim women! Rayyana is to travel to the International Space Station along with Ali Al-Qarni, a fighter jet pilot. SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is to carry them. The crews are to be launched from Florida.

Why is it historic?

Saudi Arabia has been very conservative about its women. However, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman brought in several changes. He allowed women to drive. Also, permitted women to travel abroad.

First Arab Muslim to travel to space

The Royal Prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Sultan Bin Salman was the first Saudi Arabian to travel to space in 1985. He too travelled in a US-organized space flight.


The Arab countries are relaxing their laws. They are liberalizing their restrictions on Muslim women. The recent first woman space flight is one of the reflections of Arab relaxation. The country is doing so to increase its trade relations. The only way to attract investors to the country is to ensure their comfort and safety.

With the world moving towards alternate fuels, the future of oil is becoming unsure. Therefore, the Arab world is forced to come out of its conservations. International relations experts see this as trade-based changes!




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