Cabinet approves Vibrant Villages Programme

The Vibrant Villages Programme focuses on developing the rural areas in the northern border states and union territories. More than 663 villages will be developed under the programme. It is to be implemented for two years, that is, between 2022-23 and 2025-26. The Central Government allocated Rs 4,800 crores for the scheme. Of this Rs 2500 crores will be used for building roads. Cabinet approved the scheme recently.

Key Features of the scheme

  • One – Village – One– Product concept will be adopted
  • Social entrepreneurship will be encouraged by opening growth centres. These centres will work on “Hub and Spoke model”
  • Skill development programmes for youth and women
  • Heritage development and promotion of local traditional knowledge
  • Development of eco-agribusinesses

The NGOs, cooperatives, and Self Help Groups will be involved in the scheme

How will the scheme be implemented?

Each village panchayat will create Village Action Plan with the help of the District administration. They should mainly focus on drinking water, 24/7 electricity, all-weather roads, solar energy projects, wind energy projects, internet connections, tourist centres, health and wellness centres, multi-purpose centres, etc.

Benefits and China factor

The scheme will help India retain its population in the border area. With the Chinese infiltrations increasing at the border and China trying to increase its influence in the disputed land areas, it is essential for India to increase its population in these fragile zones. Recently China announced big railway plans in the disputed region. The 1962 Indo-China war happened because of the 219 NH that connects Tibet with China. China recently announced its plans to extend its railway line through this highway.




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