IIT Kanpur develops energy-efficient system to transport minerals

IIT – Kanpur has developed a compressed air-based mineral transport system. The project was presented at the Global Investors Summit, in 2023. It received good feedback for its less material loss, reduced air pollution, and efficiency to reduce travel time to a great extent. The main objective of the system is to transport coal and slurry.

About the transport system

It is a hyperloop system and can reach speeds of 120 km per hour. The hyperloop accommodates storage wagons, guiding rails, wheel assembly system, and enables seamless mineral transportation.

Working of the system

It is a high-speed transportation system. It is designed to carry coal and other minerals. There are three essential elements in the system. They are tubes, terminals, and pods. Tubes in the system are sealed and controlled pressure is maintained in the tubes. Pods carrying the goods levitate in the tubes. Levitation is achieved through magnetism.

The delivery rate of the system is 5.6 tonnes per minute per kilometre and it consumes 107 KW. The diameter of the pipe is 40 inches.

Elon Musk and Hyper Loop

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk started building the hyperloop project. However, he stopped in the middle, as the cost of implementation increased exponentially.



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