Study on Thwaites Glacier

The recent study on Doomsday Glacier, also called the Thwaites Glacier says that the weak spots in the glacier are increasing. More and more warm water is seeping into the glacier. There is a threat of massive sea rise. If the glacier melts the sea level will increase by more than half a metre.

About the study

The study was conducted by the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration. It is one of the biggest studies conducted on the glacier so far. More than 13 scientists participated in the study from the UK, the US, and different other countries. They spent more than six weeks coming to this conclusion.


Terraces in the glaciers are increasing. These openings are causing the sideways melt of the glacier. Terraces are leading the warm water to the crevasses and increasing the melting further.

What are Glacier Terraces?

It is a long segment of a glacier. It is formed due to the stripping of soft strata from hard strata. In India, the glacial terraces are addressed as Karewas. They are found in Kashmir valley.

Glacial Crevasses

They are deep cracks in glaciers. Their sizes range from a few inches to more than 40 feet. They are formed due to shear stress. Say two big ice masses are moving. Friction develops resulting in shear stress. This leads to breakings in the faces.



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