U.N. draft resolution calls for ceasefire in Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. To mark the one-year anniversary, the European Union circulated a draft ceasefire resolution in European Union. The main objective of the resolution is to gather international support. It calls the UN members to refrain from the use of force against the political independence of a state.

Why is the EU involved in every Ukraine-Russia issue?

The issue started with Ukraine applying for EU candidacy. Other countries like Turkey applied for EU candidacy and are yet to be admitted. However, the EU accepted Ukraine’s request immediately. There are geopolitical intentions behind this. When USSR disintegrated in 1991, the Crimean peninsula came under the control of Ukraine. The peninsula is Russia’s major gateway to the western world and African countries. Blocking this gateway will affect Russia’s trade. The US and Russia have been constantly fighting since the world wars. The US and EU want to utilize Ukraine – Russia differences to win over Russian trade in the world market. Once Ukraine becomes a member of the EU, the western world shall have greater influence over Ukraine and eventually win over Russian trade.

Earlier, the EU moved through France and Germany in the name of the Minsk Agreement. It was a peace agreement. The Black Sea Grain deal was initiated by the EU. Under this, the blockaded ports of Ukraine will be allowed to operate the food grain trade.




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