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EU Environmental Ministers commit to Net Zero Emissions Target by 2050: Key Facts

European Union Environment Ministers signed an agreement in Luxembourg on 23rd October 2020. The deal has created EU’s 2050 net-zero emissions target legally binding on the states. What is the new deal? It objective is to help the block to achieve its target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. The 2050 net-zero emission targets involves ..

European Union to sanction Russia and Belarus

On October 12, 2020, the European Union agreed to impose sanctions on Russia for poisoning the opposition leader Alexei Navalny.  Imposition of sanction was initiated by France and Germany. What is the issue? Navalny was an anti-corruption investigator. He was the major political opponent of Vladimir Putin the Russian president. He fell ill on August ..

European Union Parliament voted for 60% Emission cut by 2030

On October 6, 2020, the European Union Parliament voted updating its climate target to reduce emissions by 60% by 2030 as compared to 1990 levels. Earlier EU had set a goal of reducing 40% emission by 2030. Highlights The World Wildlife Fund and other Non-Governmental Organizations were insisting on at least 65% emission reduction by ..

UK Enters into First Major Post-Brexit Deal with Japan

The UK has signed its first major post-Brexit trade pact by signing a deal with Japan. The deal aims to boost trade between these two countries by about £15bn. The deal would boost UK GDP by 0.07%, though, it is just a fraction of the trade that was lost with the European union (EU). Significance ..

EU enters into deal with AstraZeneca, for first Covid-19 vaccine

The European Union has entered into an agreement to but at least 300 million doses of AstraZeneca’s potential COVID 19 vaccine in the first-ever such deal in advance by the group. This is expected to weaken the global approach taken by the World Health Organization in this regard. What is the Deal? The European Union, ..