Samudra Shakti-23

The bilateral exercise between India and Indonesia, known as Samudra Shakti-23, has commenced recently. The indigenously built anti-submarine warfare corvette INS Kavaratti arrived at Batam, Indonesia to take part in this exercise.

Objectives of Samudra Shakti-23

The primary purpose of the Samudra Shakti exercise is to enhance interoperability and mutual cooperation between the naval forces of India and Indonesia. By conducting joint exercises and sharing best practices, the navies aim to strengthen their operational capabilities and foster regional peace and stability.

Participating Aircraft and Vessel

India has deployed the Dornier Maritime Patrol aircraft and Chetak helicopter for the exercise, showcasing their advanced capabilities in maritime operations. On the Indonesian side, the KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda, CN 235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, and AS565 Panther Helicopter are participating.

Harbor and Sea Phases of the Exercise

The harbor phase features key activities like cross deck visits, professional interactions, subject matter expert exchanges, and engaging sports fixtures. These interactions facilitate a deeper understanding and collaboration between the Indian and Indonesian naval personnel.

During the sea phase, the exercise involves dynamic exercises, including weapon firing, helicopter operations, anti-submarine warfare, air defense exercises, and boarding operations. These exercises enhance the tactical skills and coordination between the participating forces.

Duration and Significance

The Samudra Shakti-23 exercise is scheduled to continue until May 19, ensuring an extensive period for joint training and collaboration. This bilateral exercise signifies the commitment of both India and Indonesia towards maritime security and cooperation in the region. It serves as a platform to showcase the high level of interoperability achieved between the two navies and their shared dedication to maintaining peace and stability.




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