Angul-Balram rail link

The 14 km-long Angul-Balram rail link was inaugurated recently.

About Angul-Balram rail link

  • The Angul-Balram rail link was constructed by the Mahanadi Coal Railway Limited (MCRL).
  • It was constructed at a total cost of Rs.300 crore.
  • This rail link is the first phase of the 68 km-long inner corridor called Angul-Balram-Putugadia-Jarapada-Tentuloi.
  • It has increased the MCL’s capacity to dispatch coal by 10 additional rakes each day.
  • It is expected to boost the daily dispatch of coal to consumers by around 40,000 tonnes.

About the Angul-Balram-Putugadia-Jarapada-Tentuloi

This inner corridor – Angul-Balram-Putugadia-Jarapada-Tentuloi – is being constructed in two phases, with the Angul-Balram rail link being the first phase. The second phase would involve the construction of the 54-km-long Balram-Putugadia-Jarapada-Tentuloi rail link. This rail link will be constructed by the IRCON International Ltd at a total cost of Rs.1,700 crore. The 64-km long rail link will cater to the Talcher coalfields in Odisha’s Angul district.

About the MCRL

The Mahanadi Coal Railway Limited (MCRL) is a joint venture company involving MCL, IRCON International Ltd and IDCO. It was set up in 2015 to fund and implement common rail corridor for identified coal projects in Odisha. In this joint venture, MCL (the representative of the Union Ministry of Coal) has 64 percent equity shares, IRCON (representative of the Ministry of Railways) has 26 percent shares, and IDCO (representative of Odisha government) has 10 percent equity shares.

About Talcher coalfields

Talcher coalfield is India’s largest repository of power-grade coal. It is situated on a basin in the southeastern part of the Mahanadi Valley belt of the Gondwana Basin. It spans an area of around 1,800 sq km. It is mainly situated in Odisha’s Angul district. It is located some 123 km away from Odisha’s capital Bhubaneswar. This coalfield is strategically situated to supply power-grade coal to other parts of India, especially the southern and western parts of the country.



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