Russia launches Soyuz Space craft to bring back stranded astronauts

Roscosmos recently launched an empty SOYUZ spacecraft to bring back the stranded astronauts in space. Three astronauts were stranded in space as the Soyuz MS-22 capsule started leaking coolant. The astronauts were to return to the earth in the capsule. Now, with the leak, the astronauts will return only by September. The leak was due to a micrometeoroid, possibly the size of a small rock hitting the satellite.

Soyuz MS-22 is one of the major life-threatening impacts that happened in space missions. The consequences of space impacts have never been this serious.

Current Scenario

The temperature of the module is increasing due to a coolant leak. The Soyuz MS23 capsule was launched in automatic mode and it will bring back the astronomers safely.

Future plans

Russia is to leave the International Space Station in 2028. The country is to start its own space station just like China. Tiangong is a Chinese space station.

Soyuz MS22

It was launched at the International Space Station with three cosmonauts. It was a rotational mission.



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