‘Didir Suraksha Kawach’ and ‘Didir Doot’ Initiatives in West Bengal

Trinamool Congress (TMC) Chief and West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, has launched two initiatives ahead of the panchayat elections this year – ‘Didir Suraksha Kawach’ and ‘Didir Doot’. The programme, ‘Didir Suraksha Kawach’, will see 3.5 lakh party leaders reach every block and cover 2 crore families in 60 days, with workers staying in villages to understand the problems faced by locals and promoting the TMC government’s flagship programmes. An app, ‘Didir Doot’, has also been developed for people to register their problems. This initiative follows Banerjee’s ‘Didi ke Balo’ programme in 2019, which aimed to reach out to common people and was successful.

The programme will be launched on January 11 and will focus on 15 state government schemes, covering various sectors such as food, housing, health, education, social security, income and employment.

About the initiatives

‘Didir Suraksha Kawach’

The programme, ‘Didir Suraksha Kawach’ or ‘Didi’s Protective Shield’, aims to be a welfare umbrella for the people of West Bengal. It will see nearly 3.5 lakh party workers visit around two crore households (covering the state’s 10 crore population) over the next two months, completing the exercise just before the panchayat polls come around.

The party plans to train its workers for this campaign, with leaders going to local booth areas. Booth workers will then reach out to houses, encouraging them to download ‘Didir Doot’ to register their problems. The activity will be carried out across 3,343 Gram Panchayats, with each house given a letter signed by Mamata Banerjee.

‘Didir Doot’ App

The TMC has also developed an app, ‘Didir Doot’, which can be downloaded by anyone to register their problems. The app will be used in conjunction with the ‘Didir Suraksha Kawach’ programme, with booth workers encouraging people to download it and register their issues.

Focus on State Government Schemes

The ‘Didir Suraksha Kawach’ programme will focus on 15 state government schemes, including:

  • Khadya Sathi
  • Banglar Awas Yojana
  • Nijo Griha Nijo Bhumi
  • Swasthya Sathi
  • Kanyashree
  • Sikshashree
  • Aikyashree
  • Student Credit Card
  • Lakshmir Bhandar
  • Krishak Bandhu
  • Samajik Suraksha Yojana
  • Manabik Pension
  • Jai Bangla Pension Scheme
  • Bidhaba Bhata
  • Yuvashree

These schemes cover all sectors such as food, housing, health, education, social security, income and employment, which touch a person’s life.



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