Full Emergency declared in Thiruvananthapuram Airport

A flight was diverted to the Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram due to a hydraulic failure. The tail of the Air India Express hit the runway during takeoff. There were 182 passengers in the plane and it was flying from Calicut to Dammam. The flight requested an emergency landing in Thiruvananthapuram. Following this, a full emergency was declared at the airport. This is the second time a full emergency is being declared. Earlier, similar emergencies were declared on February 19 after an Air India flight from Dubai requested an emergency landing.

What is an emergency landing in the airport?

A full emergency is declared when there are chances that an approaching aircraft is a threat or may cause an accident at the airport.

What is the definition of an emergency in aviation?

It is an urgent condition and is usually declared during mechanical failure, structural damages, or distress such as fire. It is initiated by the pilot of the plane. However, an emergency in the airport is not within his powers.

Difference between local stand-by and emergency

During a full emergency, the RFFS that is, the Rescue and Fire Fighting Services is in a “ready” position. And in the local stand by the RFFS is in their normal position. The possibility of fire is more during emergency conditions.



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