Millet International Initiative for Research and Awareness

The Government of India is to launch Millet International Initiative for Research and Awareness. It is in line with the United Nations’ plans for the International Year of Millets, which is 2023. India brings in the concept of “SEED MONEY” in the initiative. Research activities on millet, and increasing their productivity will be focused on the initiative. Indian Institute of Millet Research located in Hyderabad will provide technical support to the initiative.

Objectives of MIIRA

  • To coordinate the millet research programme
  • To involve different countries and increase the skill set of the research activities
  • To increase millet consumption in the world
  • To increase investment in millet research


Every G20 member has to pay a membership fee to join the initiative. Food security is the top priority of G20. The fees will be used in implementing the initiative in different parts of the world.


With India’s insistence, the UN declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets. This will help GoI in achieving its goal of making the country a “Global Hub for Millets”. India produces one-fifth of the world’s millets and is to boost them in the name of “Shree Anna”.

Why millets?

Millets require very less water to grow as compared to rice and wheat. The most common and popular millet is jowar. It is grown in the US, Australia, China, India, Sudan, Nigeria, and Argentina. Another popular millet is Bajra grown only in India and African countries. As the millet production is very low in other countries, India has good opportunities to capture the global trade of millet. Also, the world is moving towards a nutritious and healthy diet. All these factors are in favour of India in its path of becoming the Global Hub of millet.




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