Ranbir Singh Committee formed for reforms in criminal law

On July 1, 2020, the Union Home Ministry constituted a high level committee to introduce reforms in criminal laws.


The Committee has several leading legal academicians and will gather opinions online, consult with experts and collate materials and submit a report to the Government of India. The consultation process is to begin on July 4 and is to be carried out for 3 three months.

About Ranbir Singh

Ranbir Singh is the Vice Chancellor of National Law University, Delhi.


India currently needs to focus on the following to introduce law reforms

  • India needs to launch victim and witness protection schemes.
  • It should also focus on use of victim impact statements, increased victim participation in criminal trials, increased access of victims to compensation.
  • India should construct and reclassify offences. This was introduced by Malimath Committee as well. For instance, criminal liability shall be graded better to assign degree of punishments. Also, new types of punishments such as restitution orders, community service orders and other aspects of reformative justice should be brought in.


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