Make in India: World’s largest Cryostat for Global Nuclear Fusion Project

The Larsen and Toubro under Make in India initiative has successfully built and installed the world’s largest cryostat for the Global Nuclear Fusion Project. The project is of worth 20 billion USD.


The ambitious scientific project, “Global Nuclear Fusion” was held in 7 elite countries including India. Under the project, the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) India operating under Department of Atomic Energy provided the contract to L&T.

L&T was assigned the task of installing a Cryostat that is made of 3,850 tonnes of steel. The Cryostat is to be installed along with another Cryostat segment in a reactor pit located in southern France.

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

The ITER project aims at reaching the next stage of Nuclear Evolution which is “Generating Emission free Electricity”. The Global Nuclear Fusion Project is being implemented by ITER.

The ITER was officially initiated in 1998. The project is expected to begin its deuterium-tritium operation in 2035.

Elite Countries of the Project

The project of building the fusion reactor is funded and run by seven elite countries including INDIA. Apart from India, the other countries involved in the project are Japan, China, US, South Korea, Russia and European Union. (It is being built in France and France is not funding).

What is a Cryostat?

Cryostat is a chamber that can maintain very low temperatures. The Cryostat built and installed by India will provide vacuum thermal insulation for the magnetic system. It will also act as safety barrier.


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