COPAL-19 application launched to track potential Plasma donors in Delhi

On July 1, 2020, the students of IIT-Delhi and AIIMS launched COPAL-19 mobile application to track potential plasma donors in Delhi.


The application will store details about patients who have been discharged from AIIMS and also about patients who are undergoing treatment. It will also provide information about their blood groups. This will help to bridge the gap between plasma donors and COVID-19 patients.

About COPAL-19

Persons who recover from COVID-19 can become potential plasma donors after 28 days. The current shortage of plasma donors is a big hinderance to the Delhi Government which is currently using Plasma Therapy to treat COVID-19.


The Delhi Government recently set up the country’s first plasma bank in the capital. The bank will collect plasma from persons who have recovered from COVID-10. Blood plasma from a recovered COVID-19 patient will contain antibodies. Injecting the plasma to a COVID-19 patient will help in speedy recovery and also will boost the immune system by providing more antibodies.


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