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Clinical Trial Registry of India: 61.5% of Clinical Trials registered are from AYUSH disciplines

On September 30, 2020, the Ministry of AYUSH announced that 203 trials were registered in Clinical Trial Registry of India between March and June, 2020. Of this 61.5% were from the AYUSH disciplines. Highlights Of the total trials registered, 70% were sponsored by the Government of India and various other stakeholders associated with the Ministry ..

SC directs removal of Slum Dwellings along the Rail Tracks

The Supreme Court has directed removal of 48,000 slum dwellings along the 140 km length of railway tracks in Delhi within three months. It also directed that there shall not be any kind of political interference in execution of the plan. Key Facts The court restrained any court from granting any kind of stay with ..

USD 1 billion loan approved by ADB for 2025 visioned Delhi-Meerut Rapid transit system

Manila based Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a total of 1 billion  USD  loan to provide assistance for the construction of modern, high-speed Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System. ADB’S finance will include the construction of railway tracks, station buildings, maintenance facilities, and traction, and power supply. Aim The project aims at smoothening regional connectivity by ..

Delhi, Chennai among cheapest cities to rent

According to a new report published by Purely Diamonds, Delhi and Chennai are the cheapest cities in the country to rent a house. The couples and newly-weds looking to rent a house should start looking in these cities in the country if they want to cut down on their expenses for living in an apartment. ..

Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy launched in Delhi: Highlights

Delhi government has launched a new electric vehicle policy that aims to boost the economy, creating jobs and reduce air pollution in the national capital. The government is aiming for registration of 5 lakh new EVs in the state in the next five years. What are the salient features of the EV Policy of Delhi? ..