M B Lal Committee

The recent massive fire at the Baghjan Oil field, Assam had caused serious environmental damages and led to migration of 1000s of people in the region. More than 1,610 families are now lodged in 4 relief camps.

The Government of India has taken several measures to address the issues of such oil field fires. In 2009. GoI constituted the M B Lal Committee following the fire accident at the IOCL terminal in Jaipur.

M B Lal Committee

The Committee had made 118 recommendations in regards to the safety guidelines to be followed by the oil companies while installing oil wells. According to the Ministry of Petroleum, 94% of recommendations made by the committee have been implemented.

Emergency Response Centres

The Emergency Response Centres were the major recommendation of the committee. The Centres were to handle major oil fires in the fastest ways as possible. It would take 3 to 4 years to construct an ERC. The ERCs were to be set up by 2014. However, the recommendation is still pending in several regions.

Fire Incidents

According to the information from the Oil Industry Safety Directorate, around eight accidents took place in oil and gas installations between April and June, 2020.


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