Quiz 483 – Current Affairs for Bank Examinations

1.Which among the following does not correctly denote the country-currency pair?
(A)South Africa – Rand
(B)Ghana – Cedi
(C)Egypt – Dinar
(D)Sudan -Pound

2.Which among the following is not a correct match of player and sports he / she plays?
(A)Somdev Devvarman – Tennis
(B)Gaganjeet Bhullar – Golf
(C)Ronjan Sodhi – Snooker
(D)Koneru Humpy – Chess

3.Recently BlackBerry smartphone was in controversies. In which among the following countries is based the Research In Motion Limited (RIM), the developers of BlackBerry?

4.The latest edition of the Varuna Exercise was recently held off Goa coast. Which among the following navies took part in the exercise?
(A)India and England
(B)India and France
(C)India and Singapore
(D)India and Australia

5.Which among the following is the junior most among all 4 ranks of Indian Air Force?
(A)Wing Commander
(B)Squadron Leader
(C)Flight Lieutenant
(D)Group Captain

6.Who among the following is the author of 2 States: The Story of My Marriage?
(A)Chetan Bhagat
(B)Aravind Adiga
(C)Vikram Seth
(D)Malthi Rao

7.In computers, what is the function of Kernel?
(A)Holding the chip in place
(B)Communication between hardware and software components
(C)Maintaining Computer File System
(D)Maintaining Software configuration

8.The Geeta Chopra award is honored in which among the following fields?
(A)Social Work

9.Project Sambhab is being launched in which among the following states?
(A)West Bengal

10.World Standards Day is observed on which among the following dates?
(A)September 10
(B)October 14
(C)November 13
(D)December 30

11.Which among the following Governments confers National Kishore Kumar award?
(B)Madhya Pradesh

12.Recently Oana Lungescu was in news. She is the first women spokesperson of which among the following organizations?
(A)European Commission
(C)United Nations Development Programme
(D)World Bank

13.Which among the following countries is not in G-8?

14.Gangadhar Pradhan was an exponent of which among the following dances?
(D)None of them

15.In which state is located “Indira Gandhi super thermal power project “?
(D)Uttar Pradesh

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