Quiz 484: General Knowledge Questions

Which among the following fulfilled the definition of a “Hermit Kingdom” once upon a time?
Hirakud Dam, one of world’s longest earthen dams is located in which among the following states?
B.G. Verghese Committee 1977 is most commonly related to which among the following ?
Indian Navy and which among the following Navies have regularly conducted joint exercises named ‘INDRA‘ since 2003?
Integrated Kashang Hydroelectric Project Sainj Hydroelectric Project which are being supported by Asian Development Bank are located in which of the following state ?
Consider the following: 
  1. Near Infrared 
  2. Mid Infrared 
  3. Far Infrared
Which among the following is the correct order of increasing wavelength of the above?
Headquarters of National Cadet Corps is located in ?
Consider the following statements: 
  1. Coastal Regulation Zone 2011 regulates the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  2. Coastal Regulation Zone 2011 has been enacted by an act of parliament 
  3. Coastal Regulation Zone 2011 replaces the 1991 notification
Which among the above statements is / are correct?
Who among the following appoints a Judge in the High Court of Indian state?
In Financial Language, Fixed to Floating and Floating to Floating are used in context with which among the following?

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