Quiz 459: GK for All Examinations

1.Which among the following is NOT in Maharashtra?
(A)Bhaja Caves
(B)Bagh Caves
(C)Bedsa Caves
(D)Ellora Caves

2.”Donyi Polo” is a religion / tradition followed by some tribals of which among the following states?
(B)Arunachal Pradesh

3.Which among the following correctly described “Eutrophication”?
(A)Over fertilization leading to bloom of some water species
(B)Overfertilization that leads to death of the terrestrial plants
(C)Changes in climate that leads to over-production of Nitrogen and Phosphates
(D)All of above

4.Which among the following states in North East India is NOT Christianity dominated ?

5.On the recommendations of Santhanam Committee, which among the following offices was set up in India?
(A)Central Vigilance Commission
(B)Central Economic Intelligence Bureau
(C)Foreign Investment Promotion Board
(D)Khadi and Village Industries Commission

6.Which among the following decides that there should be a Legislative Council in the state or not?
(C)Legislative Assembly
(D)Chief Minister & Council

7.In which country, a port was captured by British and it was named “Oil Rivers Protectorate”?
(D) Cameroon

8.Which among the following indicates Vitamin B12?

9.Deficiency of Vitamin D leads the lack of absorption of which of the following minerals?

10.Which among the following disease has the minimum incubation period, comparing to other ones?
(A)Small Pox

11.Where is located National Library of India?
(A)New Delhi

12.Industrial Licensing was finally abolished in India in which of the following years ?

13.Which among the following boards is defunct now?
(A)Tea Board of India
(B)Rubber Board
(C) National Biotechnology Board
(D)None of them

14.Which among the ancient Indian Play has referred to the defeat of Yavanas on the bank of River Sindhu in the hands of Vasumitra?

15.In which of the following Industrial Policy Statements , Tiny Unit was defined for the very first time in India?
(A)New Industrial License Policy 1970
(B)Industry Policy Statement 1973
(C)Industrial Policy Statement 1970
(D)Industrial Policy Statement 1977

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  • Anonymous


  • [email protected]

    sir question no. 3 of quiz 459 about eutrophication it should be option C because eutrophication leads to addition of nitrogen and phosphorus contents in water through fertilisers.

    can u guide me if iam wrong

  • sabarmathi

    No…thats right i think…adding of nitrogen and phosphorous leads to the mass blooming of phytoplanktons which is called as eutrophication..