Quiz 479: Professional Awareness for Bank Officers Examinations

1.From time to time, the Government of India approves various Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) proposals. Which among the following bodies recommends this approval prior to the Ministry of Finance / Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs?
(A)National Development Council
(B)Foreign Investment Promotion Board
(C)Central Economic Intelligence Bureau
(D)Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India

2.As an alternate to the W-CDMA, which among the following countries has deployed its own 3G standards called TD-SCDMA (Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access ), which the government of India is planning to follow?
(D)South Korea

3.As per the latest data, which among the following states in India leads in the total area under “Drip Irrigation“?
(B)Tamil Nadu
(C)Andhra Pradesh

4.The most common use of the plant “Dhaincha” or Sesbania bispinosa is in which among the following?
(A)Green Petrol
(B)Green Manure
(D)Ornamental Plant

5.The domestic demand of which among the following fertilizers in India is fulfilled by almost 100% import?
(A)Ammonium Chloride
(B)Ammonium Sulphate
(C)Potassium Sulphate

6.The insect “Apis mellifera” is commonly known as which among the following?
(A)Sand Fly
(B)Domestic Fly
(C)Honey Bee

7.Which among the following is the correct location of the Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA)?

8.Uzhavar Santhaigal/ Uzhavar Sandies have been established by which among the following state governments in select areas for better marketing infrastructure to the farmers?
(A)Andhra Pradesh
(D)Tamil Nadu

9.At which among the following places, the Spices and Oil seeds Exchange Ltd. Was established in 1953?

10.Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI) is an attached Office of which among the following ministries?
(A)Ministry of Food Processing
(B)Ministry of Commerce
(C)Ministry of Agriculture
(D)Ministry of Finance

11.The “Sahiwal” is a breed of which among the following in India?

12.In which state is located the Raniganj coal bed methane (CBM) acreage ?
(B)West Bengal

13.Ornithophily refers to the pollination through which among the following?

14.What is the number of the Chromosomes affected by Turner syndrome?

15.Which among the following is a riverine (Inland River) port?

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