Quiz 480 – Modern Indian History For Civil Services Examinations

1.Assertion: Before the American War of Independence, the East India Company had lost its monopoly in America.
Reason: The Dutch were able to penetrate the American Markets by 1770
(A)Both Assertion and Reason are correct
(B)Assertion is correct but reason is incorrect
(C)Assertion is incorrect but reason is correct
(D)Both Assertion and Reason are incorrect

2.Consider the following statements:
1. Dual System of Government in Bengal was a Brainchild of Lord Clive
2. Dual System of Government continued till the times of Lord Cornwallis
Which among the above statements is / are correct?
(A)Only 1
(B)Only 2
(C)Both 1 & 2
(D)Neither 1 nor 2

3.Which among the following was the source of money for “Clive Fund“?
(A)His salary and emoluments in the East India Company
(B)Money earned by his as gifts and bribes from the Indians
(C)Money left by Mir Jafar for him as Gift
(D)Money confiscated from the Beghum of Nawab of Awadh

4.The Treaty of Amiens finally made Ceylon as _________?
(A)A Dutch colony
(B)A French Colony
(C)A British Colony
(D)A Portuguese Colony

5.Ruler of which among the following signed for the fist time a “Subsidiary Alliance Treaty” with the British in which the Company kept its army inside the border of protected state and got some territories in return?

6.Who among the following brought the first Printing Machine in India?

7.Which among the following Treaty left Raghunath Rao retire on Pension?
(A)Treaty of Bassein
(B)Treaty of Salbai
(C)Treaty of Poona
(D)Treaty of Madras

8.Which among the following Sikh Guru declared that Guru Granth Sahib will be the holy scripture of Sikkhism and will be the permanent Guru of Sikhs?
(A)Guru Govind Singh
(B)Guru Arjun Dev
(C)Guru Teg Bahadur
(D)None of them

9.The Ancestors of Maharaja Ranjit Singh were from which among the following Misals?
(A)The Karora Singh Misal
(B)The Shahid and Nishang Misal
(C)The Phulikian Misal
(D)The Shukarchakia Misal

10.Which of the following acts first time explicitly defined the constitutional position of the British territories in India?
(A)The Regulating Act of 1773
(B)The Charter Act of 1813
(C)The Charter Act of 1833
(D)Act of 1858

11.The Treaty of Segauli defined the relations of the British India with which among the following neighbors?

12.”Sambad Kaumudi” was published by which among the following leaders?
(A)Raja Rammohan Roy
(B)Dayanand Saraswati
(C)Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
(D)Ganga Kishore Bhattacharya

13.During the tenure of which among the following Governors , annexation of Coorg took place?
(A)Lord William Bentinck
(B)The Lord Auckland
(C)The Lord Ellenborough
(D)The Lord Cornwallis

14.The Regulation XVII, passed by the British Government was related to which among the following?
(A)Abolition of Sati
(B)Abolition of Provincial Courts of Appeal
(C)Suppression of Thugs
(D)Abolition of Slavery

15.Who among the following had gone to England to plead the cause of the Mughal emperor Akbar II, with an ambassador of the emperor?
(A)Azimullah Khan
(B)Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(C)Maharaja Tejchandra Ray
(D)Raja Radhakanta Deb

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  • Anonymous

    Sambad Kuamudi was published by Bhabani Charan Bandopadhyay, who was its edotor too. Raja Rammohan roy was its Owner.
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sambad_Kaumudi

  • Admin

    Bhabani Charan Bandyopadhyay was nominally in charge of Sambad Kaumudi till 13 issues got published. However, Rajaram Mohan Roy was its editor, promoter, owner and publisher for almost all purposes.

  • Anonymous

    yes..RRR published SAMBAD KAUMADI

  • harshita

    sir, can you pls explain the 5th question.

  • Admin

    Subsidiary alliance involved these types of arrangements:
    1. Company kept forces at border of protectorate for cash
    2. Company kept forces inside the protectorate for cash
    3. Company kept forces inside the protectorate and got some territories in return.

    The first victim of Subsidiary alliance was Nizam, but the question is asking about the third type of arrangement given above. It was Oudh. So, the given answer is correct.

  • Shambhu Kumar

    Pls explain Q.N.15

  • deepaktongli

    Who are the only two people in modern India who are considered as the Real Sons of Mother India ever in the History of India?

  • bmishra

    sbsidiarry alliance was introduced in 1798 by lord wellsley.how can be the the answer treaty of allahabad1765 with awadh correct.i think it should be nizam of hyderabad.

  • GKToday


    Kindly read the comment given above by me in explanation.

  • Shruti

    Sir,for 5th ques can u give the first states to accept the alliance in 1st and 2nd type..

  • Rajesh.R

    Yes subsidary alliance wwas in introduced in 1798. but nawab of oudh signed it on 1801 by treaty of lucknow under 3rd condition.so oudh was the 1st to sing on subsidary allaince under 3rd condition which is dangerous condition compared to remainings…..